Story of MELE begins in 1880 on the shores of Italy in colourful Naples. At the time city on picturesque bay was the centre of commerce in Italy, it was a place for many fledgling businesses, some of which decades later transformed into prosperous corporations, still proudly carrying the name of Naples in to the world.
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Beginnings of manufacturing
Enrico Mele started a small enterprise that specialised in producing gloves out of high quality leather. His products soon gained popularity amongst residents of Naples.
Beginnings of manufacturing
MELE expands business to fur coat tailoring. Coats are custom fitted and to specifications of an individual customer, using only the best furs. MELE quickly gains recognition for high quality of craftsmanship in Naples and beyond.
Gold medal in Paris
MELE became the first foreign company to receive gold medal at prestigious 1907 International Exposition in Paris.
Cavalier of Order of The Crown of Italy
Founder of MELE company Enrico Mele was awarded with a title of Cavalier of Order of The Crown of Italy by king of Italy Victor Emmanuel III. It is a very prestigious award given only to most distinguished members of the society with impeccable reputation, which further emphasizes craftsmanship of MELE.
MELE is universally adored in Italy
Gradually fashion week in Milan establishes MELE as the benchmark of Italian fur tailoring, consequently gaining widespread adoration of Italians.
MELE – trend setter
MELE defines trends in fur industry. Many fashion magazines do extensive features on MELE.
MELE conquers Hollywood
Fame of MELE fur coats reaches Hollywood and stars take increasingly great interest in wearing fashionable coats both on silver screen and on the red carpet.
MELE opens boutique in Riga
MELE Boutique in Riga is unique. Its interior is created by some of the best Italian and Latvian designers, and its assortment always offers especially luxurious models, exclusively created for Baltic consumer.