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19 October 2018
MELE Boutique 8 Years in Latvia
MELE Boutique
19 October 2018
Interview with the President of Pellicceria Mele Enrico Mele
19 October 2018
Choose quality and Italian design!
4 December 2017
Jelena Ostapenko for MELE Furs
13 October 2017
7 Years of MELE Boutique
MELE Boutique
8 March 2017
Shine bright like a star with a new collection from MELE!
11 November 2016
Ural Emeralds
MELE Boutique
7 October 2016
6 Years of MELE Boutique and presentation of Ural Emeralds from Julia Fosty
MELE Boutique
4 December 2015
MELE Boutique 5 years in Latvia
Latvijas Nacionālās Operas Jaunā zāle
3 December 2015
Preparation of the hall for MELE Boutique 5 year anniversary celebration
Latvijas Nacionālās Operas Jaunā zāle
20 September 2015
Welcome to MELE Boutique!
MELE Boutique
24 March 2015
Italian aperitif. Presentation of new collection from Milan
Mele Boutique
10 October 2014
Fourth birthday of Mele boutique in Latvia
Grand Palace Hotel
21 March 2014
Spring girls' party and presentation of kids play room
MELE Boutique
14 February 2014
Reopening of Mele boutique after renovation
Mele Boutique
11 October 2013
Third birthday of Mele boutique in Latvia
Grand Palace Hotel
29 March 2013
Spring girls' party and introduction of different types of furs
Mele Boutique
5 October 2012
Mele boutique in Latvia celebrates it's second birthday
Grand Palace Hotel
7 March 2012
Photo shooting with TV personality Maija Silova in Milan
Milan, Italy
7 October 2011
Mele celebrates first year of work in Riga
Grand Palace Hotel
16 December 2010
Opening of Mele boutique in Riga
Hotel De Rome
  • Riga, Vaļņu 12 / Z.A.Meierovica bulv. 16 (Basteja Pasāža)
  • +371 26645451
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  • info@meleboutique.com
  • SKYPE: mele1880.lv
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MELE buys furs only at the most respectable fur auction houses, their labels are readily visible on production tags.